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Create an uplifting atmosphere with this beautiful "Create Your Own" wood wall sign stained in Walnut. Have a favorite scripture? Have a word of encouragement to share? Design your own wood decor sign with customizing a header,  a message, and selecting a few words from that message to emphasize on. A special letter design is included.

"Create your Own" Customized Essentials Carved Wood Sign

SKU: Create Your Own
  • Create your own wood sign decor. Customize with a header, message content, and what to emphasize.  


    • Customize a header for the upper right hand corner (ie: Joshua 1:9) Please note: This is separate from the message content and not included in the character count of the message.
    • Customize the message content with up to 100 characters. 
    • Select, in sequence, a few words from the message content to Emphasize on. To accomplish this, (Step1) select "how many words to include" for your Emphasis and (Step2) "where is the starting word of emphasis". For the Joshua 1:9 sign pictured above, the 100 character message content begins with the word Be. The selected words of emphasis is on "Strong and Courageous".  The number of words for this Emphasis is 3. The starting word of Emphasis is "Strong" and it begins on Word#2. Please note the header is separate from the message content and is not included in the message character count or word count. 
    • A special letter design is included. The design letter will be the first letter of the first word of your message content. For the Joshua 1:9 sign above, the first word is Be making the first letter a "B".
    • Available size: 17" x 8.5" x 5/8" nominal thickness 
    • Arrives ready to display with saw-tooth hangers pre-installed on the back of the sign for easy hanging


    They are handcrafted, carved, and handstained with a walnut finish to show the natural characteristics of pine wood.


    Made in America: HAND-CRAFTED IN HOUSE

    Our Encouraging Carved Wood Signs are Handmade, Handcrafted, and NOT mass produced! NO two signs are 100% identical making each sign its own masterpiece showing the beautiful and natural wood imperfections with unique color tones and variations. 


    Give a Gift that Encourages someone, today!

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